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The Innovators Road Trip

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 30th, 2009

Ripple6 is honored to have formed a partnership with Chris Brogan and New Marketing Laboratories to help promote social media to the marketing community.  Chris is a thought leader in the field of social media we are very pleased that he has chosen to work with us.  You can follow Chris’s ideas and work through his blog and New Marketing Laboratories his company.  Our first joint venture with Chris and NML was the American Innovators Road Trip which began like this:

4 bloggers climbed into a borrowed 2010 Ford Escape (Donated by Scott Monty of Ford) to make the drive from Detroit, Michigan to Austin, Texas on their way to SXSW. Along the way they found lots of innovation including some great people at Gannet’s in Cincinnati. Here is that story (18 minutes):

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You can read all about the (mis)adventures of the bloggers here and each of the bloggers has some personal tales of the trip as well: Colin Browning, Jim Storer, Jeff Cutler, John Johansen

(On a personal note I’m very glad they found Colin in Cincinnati, he went missing for several hours. He’s a personal friend and I would have missed him. Although I did offer to help Chris Brogan in his search to fill the position during Colin’s absence.)

Talk As Behavior

Posted by Katie Morse on March 27th, 2009

Behavioral Insider Article in Media Post by , Friday, March 27, 2009, 1:30 PM

by , Friday, March 27, 2009, 1:30 PM
As data miners drill deeper into the social media terrain for meaningful insight, we are starting to see how online conversations are a kind of behavior. The places, ways and times that people interact with one another online are themselves choices that reveal something about their place in a community and perhaps their likely value to marketers. An interesting project from social media platform provider Ripple6 illustrates the ways in which behaviors within social media can both identify key brand advocates and activate them on behalf of a brand.

Ripple6 is a Gannett company that provides both publishers and brands with a range of social media tools. For Proctor & Gamble’s Rouge Magazine site at, Ripple6 built a closed community (“The Salon”) where invitees from the P&G mailing list could converse about beauty regimens generally as well as a specific product P&G was promoting. One of the aims of the project was to find advocates and activate them outside of this closed community.

According to Ripple6 CEO Sang Kim    , a number of analytic tools can be used to identify potential brand cheerleaders. “What was cool is that one of the things you could see was peer helping,” he says. “Someone would say that they had tried something and it didn’t work, and then someone else would chime in and say that they had experienced the same thing and here is how it worked better for her. That is clearly an advocate — someone who doesn’t just say this is great but actually shows you how to get greater value out of the product.” In other words, the conversation revealed a behavioral gesture the brand would want to enlist: the propensity to reach out and advise.

Read the entire article here…

The B4 List (Best Big Business Blogs) 3/18/09

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 18th, 2009

Welcome to the inaugural B4 List.  Here we have gathered a list of the best blogging sources for people involved in Social Media at the enterprise level.  That’s because many of us who work for large companies have a different set of problems than those who may work for smaller organizations.

The purpose of this list is give those of us in larger companies concerned with social networking a place to go to find ideas and discussion about the issues we face.  Therefore we decided not to make this a ranking of best to worst, but rather a list of resources.  So position on this list only reflects the alphabetical order of the name of the website and nothing more.

We are going to continually update this list, so if you don’t see your favorite big business blog here, please contact us via the comments and let us know.

The B4 Blogs List 3/18/09:

123 Social Media Good coverage of issues relating to B4.
Chris Brogan Chris is one of the best bloggers in social media today with lots of great lists for planning.
Dirkshaw Great depth and breadth.
IT Business Edge Appears to have recently started heavy social media coverage, excellent B4.
Marketnet Excellent articles, however publishes erratically.
Mashable Completely covers social media with many articles of note for B4′s, sipping from the fire hose.
Principled Profit Clearly one of the best on blogging with good coverage on B4 issues.
Seth Godin Great stuff about remembering the forest not the trees.
Social Customer Good social media and enterprise coverage.
Social Media Club  Heavy focus on B4 issues.
Whats Next Blog Social media issues with excellent coverage of B4 topics.

Agree or Disagree with our list?  Tell us in the comments below and help us improve it for next month!

The Mass Movement Toward Communities

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 11th, 2009

Recently, there have been several reports and articles relating to the fantastic growth of online communities.  These trends point to the growing comfort people have with using the Internet as way to connect with others.  The fact that people have grown accustomed to working with each other via electronic text (like email, SMS, Twitter, etc.) instead of telephone calls, meetings and other forms of information sharing is fueling the rapid growth of social networks. 

As we become more adept in electronic text communications they become more willing to expand our use of it into new areas.  Therefore we are moving to where other people are gathering online to expand our repertoire.  The biggest place where we are gathering online is member communities. 

Community is Growing

Communities are growing over twice as fast as all of the other top sectors of the Internet, according to a Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint:   The chart below is from the Nielsen report.


Communication Overtakes Entertainment Online

Netpop Research : Stated simply, 7 million people in the U.S. are contributing content online through six or more activities (uploading photos, publishing blogs, posting ratings/reviews, etc.). These heavies are also connecting with 248 people in a typical week, on average

Time spent online for communication has increased 18% since 2006!  (From 27% to 32% of total time online.)  While time spent online on entertainment has declined 29% during the same period.

More, More, More

So more people are talking (with each other) more frequently about more things than ever before.  We are more comfortable with using the Internet as a form of communication.  What does this mean to your brand?  You need to be where people are communicating  and you need your entire company to be doing the communications. 

Consequently, social networks and blogs are eating into the share of time held by other sectors
Because time spent on social networks is growing at a dramatically faster rate than the Internet average, social networks are gaining a larger share of all Internet time.  (from the Nielsen Report)

Big Brands Belong

And finally Mashable’s Tom Smith discusses Why We All Benefit From Big Brands Being in Social Media.  Tom talks about how social media will change big brands and cause them to conform to the new norms of social media.  He sees more transparency, better customer feedback resulting in better products, and the deep pockets of big brands paying the fare for the rest of us- just as they do for TV and Radio.  Here are his 8 main points, please read the full article for the details:

1. Social media drives complete transparency:
2. Social media drives quality product:
3. Social media can be a great customer service channel:
4. Social Media creates products that we want:
5. You control the relationship:
6. Big brands keep our access free:
7. Big brands have interesting stories to tell:
8. Users drive the content and conversation:

Our comfort with the Internet and with electronic text communications makes online communities the fastest growing sector on the Internet.  Brands and large companies need to be involved with this movement to communities so they can keep a competitive edge or they will go the way of all companies that failed to adapt to changes in technology.  The history of business is littered with the names of those failed to adapt.

What are you doing to ensure your company isn’t one of them?  Please leave your comments below:

Top Social Media Blogs for Big Business

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 2nd, 2009

There are lists of the  best blogs, the best blogs on social media, and best blogs for Small and Medium Sized Busiensses. 

But what if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of social media trail blazers in a large corporation searching for help, guidance and resouces?  The problems of the enterprise are in many ways unique compared to those of smaller organizations.  And starting a social media outreach effort in an enterprise is a very different proposition compared to starting it in a smaller business.

B4 Social Media

The Best Big Business Blogs 


Ripple6 will complile a list of the Best BIG Business Blogs on Social Media hereafter known as B4 Social Media.  The first list will be published next week.

Please use the comments section below to tell us the blogs you find most interesting and useful for people in enterprise environments or shoot us an email “marketing (at) ripple6 dot com”, or twitter @Ripple6 .  The blog doesn’t need to focus exclusively on large organizations nor exclusively on Social Media, but should have content addressing concerns or issues that are unique to large organizations.  Feel free to nominate your own blog.

We will compile the list of the most recommeded blogs and post it here next week.  Thereafter, we will review the list regularily and provide updates.