Our Products

One Platform, Multiple Solutions

The Ripple6 platform provides all of the essential community elements, plus additional exclusive features enabled by our patent-pending Ripple technology. It helps content and conversation to flow more quickly through the community, and it helps members to more easily connect with relevant people and information.

Our unique data model also allows us to place different content types (discussions, photos, or even recipes) into the community as a way to connect users and create conversation. We create a more engaging user experience by using data on the network and their behavior to put things in front of the users most likely to find them interesting; and we create environments where the users are most likely to feel comfortable talking and sharing.

Ripple6 provides a range of solutions to help you create, develop and deploy the platform to suit your own specific needs.

The Social Hub A comprehensive solution which allows companies to tie their social marketing efforts into one central place. The Social Hub lets you scale and connect and unify your brand’s social presence across the web.

Ripple6 Premiere A fully-customizable solution for creating your own social network, delivered with a dedicated Social Engagement Services team.

OnDemand A full-feature, turnkey social platform that quickly and cost-effectively creates engaging and, when needed, monetizable online communities.

Social Insights Conduct qualitative research in online communities. Marketers can quickly gain valuable insights by connecting with consumers to create relationships.

Social Ad Gives brands the power to extend the reach of their brand community to any site where ads can be served. It pulls approved comments from conversations taking place within a brand’s online social community and places them into a display ad unit.

Socialite Enables brands to create a dialog in ads where users can view and interact without registering with that community. Consumers can participate in the conversation, share with their friends and return to the conversation on a corresponding landing page at a later time.

Brand Communities A way to connect with consumers and build relationships in online communities. Marketers can participate in a single set of conversations across multiple social networks.

Social Commerce A fully customized solution for online merchants to create connections with and among their customers and produce a social commerce engine for their online stores.

Our platform is robust, flexible and scalable. Whatever your needs are, our solutions deliver.