The Innovators Road Trip

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 30th, 2009

Ripple6 is honored to have formed a partnership with Chris Brogan and New Marketing Laboratories to help promote social media to the marketing community.  Chris is a thought leader in the field of social media we are very pleased that he has chosen to work with us.  You can follow Chris’s ideas and work through his blog and New Marketing Laboratories his company.  Our first joint venture with Chris and NML was the American Innovators Road Trip which began like this:

4 bloggers climbed into a borrowed 2010 Ford Escape (Donated by Scott Monty of Ford) to make the drive from Detroit, Michigan to Austin, Texas on their way to SXSW. Along the way they found lots of innovation including some great people at Gannet’s in Cincinnati. Here is that story (18 minutes):

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

You can read all about the (mis)adventures of the bloggers here and each of the bloggers has some personal tales of the trip as well: Colin Browning, Jim Storer, Jeff Cutler, John Johansen

(On a personal note I’m very glad they found Colin in Cincinnati, he went missing for several hours. He’s a personal friend and I would have missed him. Although I did offer to help Chris Brogan in his search to fill the position during Colin’s absence.)

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  • Jim Storer

    Thanks for the mention – it was a great trip and we really appreciated your support!

    I just need to clarify one point… we didn’t “look for” or “find” Colin in Cincinnati… he tracked us down. We were headed to Lexington, KY with or without him. :-)

    Jim | @jimstorer

  • Lewis Green

    Great idea but you really need to understand sound better. I can hear the interviewer fine; the guests hardly at all.

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