Top Social Media Blogs for Big Business

Posted by Chris Kieff on March 2nd, 2009

There are lists of the  best blogs, the best blogs on social media, and best blogs for Small and Medium Sized Busiensses. 

But what if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of social media trail blazers in a large corporation searching for help, guidance and resouces?  The problems of the enterprise are in many ways unique compared to those of smaller organizations.  And starting a social media outreach effort in an enterprise is a very different proposition compared to starting it in a smaller business.

B4 Social Media

The Best Big Business Blogs 


Ripple6 will complile a list of the Best BIG Business Blogs on Social Media hereafter known as B4 Social Media.  The first list will be published next week.

Please use the comments section below to tell us the blogs you find most interesting and useful for people in enterprise environments or shoot us an email “marketing (at) ripple6 dot com”, or twitter @Ripple6 .  The blog doesn’t need to focus exclusively on large organizations nor exclusively on Social Media, but should have content addressing concerns or issues that are unique to large organizations.  Feel free to nominate your own blog.

We will compile the list of the most recommeded blogs and post it here next week.  Thereafter, we will review the list regularily and provide updates.

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  • George Dearing should be one of the anchors on this list. Look forward to the rest.

    George Dearing

  • Mark Burhop

    This is maybe not exactly what you are looking for but I’ll occasionally hit on some social media topics for Siemens PLM. They are more focused on more general education on social media and not so much on “trail blazers” but they still might be useful.

    Microblogging :

    Practical social Media for Engineers

    Virtual World Primer for CAD people


  • Barry Hurd

    Just wanted to throw in my own blog for big business social media @ I try to cover a lot of the enterprise and corporate questions: ranging from budget issues, brand awareness, policy, and executive reputation.

    Our blog is already in Alltop, Adage150, and TopRank Biglist.

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