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Ripple6 OnDemand December Release – Scale, Connect and Syndicate

Posted by Katie Morse on December 22nd, 2009

When we launched Ripple6 OnDemand in late August, our goal was to bring you a turnkey and fully featured community platform. Today we are excited to announce an update to Ripple6 OnDemand – one that is designed to better integrate with other social sites while increasing functionality of the core platform.
Here are a few highlights of what’s inside our December release:

  • Improved integration with Facebook and YouTube
  • More homepage flexibility, including custom areas for images, embed code or HTML with an optional image carousel, which can be turned on or off as needs require. Additionally, the right rail HTML adopts on pages across your network, not just on the homepage.
  • Facebook Connect Tracking which enables community owners to discover which specific newsfeed users come to the network from, and what activity feeds they’re responding to.
  • Our new Facebook app allows you to bring the home page of your Ripple6 OnDemand site into your Facebook fan page.

So – what does it all mean?

Community owners or managers will have more control over the look and feel of their homepage as well as more easily track activity coming in from and going out to Facebook, providing an easier way to scale, connect and syndicate your message across your member’s social graphs.

Have questions about the release? Feel free to leave a comment, or send us an @ message on Twitter – @Ripple6.

Sang Kim, CEO, on Ripple6 OnDemand

Posted by Katie Morse on August 27th, 2009

After speaking with Geoff Merrick about our newest product, Ripple6 OnDemand, I decided to get a few words from our CEO, Sang Kim.

This short (1:38) video explains a bit about how we’ve used our experience working with enterprise-level clients to develop a product which is not only powerful and scalable, but easy to implement.

I’ll let Sang say the rest…

YouTube Preview Image