What Can YOUR Community Do?

Posted by Katie Morse on November 5th, 2009

55% Feel as strongly about their online communities as they do about their real-world communities*

55 percent. That’s nothing to joke about, and it resonates with us, as we’re sure it does with many others in our space.  Our Founder and CEO, Sang Kim, saw the power and passion created by communities when he founded MomJunction, just as our employees and partners do today.

Online communities aren’t just websites which aggregate nameless and faceless people around common interests.  They’re virtual meeting points, virtual mixers, virtual support groups and virtual watercoolers.  What’s interesting, though, is when the boundaries between “virtual” and “the real world” get broken down.

56% of community participants meet their digital counterparts in the real world, and as stated above, 55% feel as strongly about their online communities as they do about the ones they belong to “in the real world”.

We regularly see members of our communities talking about how much they love the interactions, love the people, and love the online space they’ve created.

We provide the platform, but it’s the users that make the community come alive.

Often times, those users band together to throw events, put on a charity fundraiser, support a fellow member in a time of crisis, or even promote members of the community in the real world.

It’s not just online anymore!

When we ran across this video from Ophrah’s 24th Season launch, we immediately thought about how the people in that crowd are much like our community members.  All very different, all with their own unique likes and dislikes, but all coming together to participate in something that has the potential to be something greater than the sum total of the parts. Not to mention, it’s a really cool effect.

What can YOUR community come together to achieve?

*Source: e-Marketer; USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future, “The 2008 Digital Future Project-Year Seven”

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