The Best of Both Worlds. Ripple6 is acquired by Gannett.

Posted by Sang Kim on November 13th, 2008

From Sang Kim, CEO, Ripple6

Today I am happy to announce that Ripple6 has agreed to be acquired by Gannett Co., Inc., one of the world’s leading international news and information companies. Moving forward, we’ll be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gannett that continues to operate independently.

Wow. So what does this mean?

It’s a big step, for sure. As an entrepreneur who founded the company, I think it presents us with the best of both worlds – and a tremendous opportunity. Here’s why.

First, we’ll continue to operate independently. That means the nimble, innovative culture that drives a start-up can continue. It’s that sort of culture that makes us come to work and develop the solutions focused on thriving online communities that attract members and marketers alike. That’s the fun part. We still get to (and need to) run a successful company.

And it also means that we’ve got the support and resources of a Fortune 500 company to back it up. Sure, that means peace of mind to a lot of people, but most importantly to the clients who come to us looking for help with social technologies. They’ll be much more assured that when we talk about how social media and marketing will beget social insights, commerce and collaboration, Ripple6 will be there down the road to help them implement their social business strategies.

We’ll have great synergies with Gannett, not just to help their properties make the most of social media, but to use our platform as a launching pad for collaboration with others. Last May, we held our first Partner Summit, and it became a starting point for our clients — enterprise marketers and publishers — to talk about syndicating micro-communities across the web. That’s the beginning. Today’s social media services and analytics will drive tomorrow’s social insights, new revenue models and marketing innovation.

Today, we feel Ripple6 is even better positioned to be your social media partner. We’re a growing business with a distinct and scalable technology. We’re continuing to scale up for the challenge, which is a good thing in this economy, so if you’re looking for a position, we’re looking for people.

We’re all extremely excited and pleased with this decision and we’ll keep our sleeves rolled up for you. Feel free to tell us what you think.


The full news release is found here

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  • Joe Mescher

    Excellent, cheers!

  • Stinky Jones

    You poor SOBS. Anyone but Gannett.

  • Sally Strebel

    Congratulations! Very exciting news.

  • Francis K

    Fantastic! Great news! Well done.

  • Aldon Hynes

    This is great. I’ve been hoping to see a media company that understands and embraces the importance of social media.

    I’ve written a little more about this in my blog.

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