Tweetup with Social Media Mavens at Ripple6

Posted by Chris Kieff on September 30th, 2008

Ed Oh (Ripple6) Andrew Robertson (ooVoo) Greg Verdino (Crayon) Rich Liebling (Taylor) Geoff Livingston (Livingston) Jane Quigley (Crayon)

Ed Oh (Ripple6) Phillip Robertson (ooVoo) Geoff Livingston (Livingston) Rich Liebling (Taylor) Greg Verdino (Crayon) Jane Quigley (Crayon)

Last night Ripple6 was pleased to host our first Tweetup*, welcoming many of our friends and social media Mavens.  Unfortunately the Tweetup’s date was dictated by Geoff Livingston’s (of the famous Livingston Buzz blog and author of Now is Gone an excellent read I highly recommend) travel schedule so it conflicted with Rosh Hashanah and many of our friends weren’t able to make it.  (We’re going to try to arrange another Tweetup soon.)  But we were very pleased to have all of the wonderful friends and soon to become friends there.

*Tweetup: A Tweetup is a meeting of friends who know each other mainly on  It’s highly anticipated because we get to meet face-to-face after conversing electronically for months, or years.  Meeting people on Twitter and getting to know them is easy, meeting face to face is often much harder.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by Geoff Livingston and Greg Verdino who are brothers from different mothers.  If you don’t believe me just see for yourself with these timeless pictures:

We want to thank everyone who made it for making the Tweetup a great evening:

Geoff Livingston, CEO Livingston Communications, and blogger

Charlie Oliver, ArtofTalk.TV

Greg Verdino, Chief Strategy Officer, Crayon, and Blogger

Jane Quigley, Relationship Director, Crayon, Blogger, and Socializer

Kathryn Jones, Producer, Synchronis.TV

Liz Pullen, Blogger,

Matthew Caldecutt, Account Director, Trylon SMR

Nichelle Nickels, Bookkeeper, Small Business Blogger, Keeping Nickels

Phillip Robertson, Director of Marketing Communications, ooVoo

Rick Liebling, Global Director of Client Management, Taylor

And Chris, Ed, Katie, Rich and Zack from Ripple6.

We hope we’ll see you all again real soon.

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