Social Best Practices- An Ongoing Series

Posted by Chris Kieff on September 26th, 2008

Welcome to the exciting new series on Social Best Practices brought to you by Ripple6!

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OK, ok so it’s not really exciting, but it is interesting if you’re into blogging and social media or social marketing stuff.  So we’ll call it the new INTERESTING SERIES ON SOCIAL BEST PRACTICES.  We’ll be running

an ongoing series of articles on best practices in social media, social networking and social mark

eting.  Which is why we are calling it “Social Best Practices” rather than “social media best practices”  because that wouldn’t cover the marketing or networking aspects of the whole thing.  And since Ripple6 is as much about the marketing and networking as about the media, (what the heck does the term “social media” mean anyway?) we needed a broader name.  Thusly, we’ve settled upon Social Best Practices.

If you think you’ve got a better idea for the name of the series let us know via the comments below and we’ll give each suggestion careful consideration before rejecting it.  Because this is a social place and that’s what we’re looking for, social interaction.

So back to the subject at hand, Social Best Practices.  We’re going to try to cover every area of the Social online scene here and keep updating the series.   Including but not limited to the following areas:

Best Practices for:

  • Business Blogging
  • Managing Online Social Networks
  • Branding Online
  • Managing Online Social Groups
  • Participating in Online Social Networks
  • Online Social Marketing

Now one way that we could do this series is to write a bunch of articles.  We’d start by reading the best articles on the subject from a couple of dozen bloggers.  Then we’d have to rehash and boil down the stuff they wrote into some short pithy articles.  But there’s a problem with that, (no it’s not that it’s a lot of work- but there is that ;-) ) the problem is that many of these excellent writers have already done that.  So we’d be reducing the reductions, leaving you with almost nothing.

So we’ve decided not to do that.  Instead we’re going to give you a list of the best of the best articles on each subject with some comments on what’s in each.  Then you can get it straight from the horse’s (bloggers) mouth (keyboard).

Today’s series starts with the list of the Best Online Social Bloggers.  We’ll make our selections here and you can comment and add your considerations.


  • Mashable The best and most prolific blog covering the entire social online arena.
  • Chris Brogan Chris constantly writes excellent how to articles with the best links and ideas to make you a better social animal.
  • Read Write Web Consistently one of the very best blogs discussing online social issues
  • Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Jeremiah has a firm grasp on the state of the industry and his insights are invaluable.
  • AllTop’s list of Top Social Media Blogs This a cop-out because AllTop isn’t a blog, but rather an aggregator that collects feeds from the top blogs in many categories.  But it’s really hard to pick the best of the best, so we went with AllTop as a really good list.

What do you think?  What should be added to the list?  Let us know in the comments below…

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