Merdith's Approach to Social Media (Part 12)

Posted by Chris Kieff on January 13th, 2009

Enterprise Social Media Lessons Learned

This is a part of our series in Enterprise Social Media Lessons Learned.  It’s always best to start at the beginning and you’ll find that here.

Dan Hickey explains that Meredith has been spending a couple of years laying groundwork to get ready visitors for the introduction of Social Networking.  They are looking to the next level of women connecting to each other, sharing content, and communicating with each other.  Syndicating community is very important   And they are looking to Marketers to participate with the community, be engaged and provide value to the community, not just advertisements.

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Disclaimer: On this blog we don’t speak for anyone else; these are opinions only.  It’s intended to give you a lesson in how we think social media has been done successfully and that’s all!

Question:  Is MixingBowl going to be able to transition users from sharing photos to sharing their lives via social networking?

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