Creating Value for Publishers (Part 7)

Posted by Chris Kieff on December 17th, 2008

Enterprise Social Media Lessons Learned

This is a part of our series in Enterprise Social Media Lessons Learned.  It’s always best to start at the beginning and you’ll find that here.

So what in the heck made big corp’s like P&G, Gannett and Meredith decide to use Ripple6′s technology?  We help them connect with consumers, save money, and build brand equity in the social media space.  Which in the end helps them make money.

How do we go about that, you ask?  Watch the video:

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

Question:  To learn more about any of these areas, contact Ripple6 today.

Next: What is (Part 8 )


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4. New Revenue Models for Social Media (Part 4)
5. Generating Engagement with the Audience (Part 5)
6. Implementing Social Media in the Enterprise (Part 6)

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