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NewMarketingTV: Interview with Chris Kieff from Ripple6

Posted by Cyndi Zaino on October 30th, 2008

Chris Kieff, our director of marketing, sat down with Mike Lewis of NewMarketingTV to talk about Gannett’s, what new marketing is, and some tips for others trying to jump into social media., the world’s largest interconnected network of social media sites, is a network of 80 sites across local markets (learn more here), where members can form groups, share content and interact with other members across the entire community.  Users can access all of these local markets through one single sign-on and bring content from one city to another.  This web of local sites allows Gannett to sell marketing locally or nationally, all from one single place.

For Chris, new marketing is finding a better way to communicate with a customer in an environment where he or she feels comfortable.  Ripple6-built platforms allow marketers to engage target audiences in the familiar environment of their own social networks.  This encourages members to spread content, whether it’s from a friend or a marketer, to their private social network in a way that’s comfortable and safe for them.

Chris points out that “It’s about listening and then figuring out where your audience is…the key is to be where the users are comfortable.  Social media is a way to get where people are and become part of the users’ conversation – [not talking at them]“.

For those trying to leverage social media, Chris recommends to listen first – get onto twitter and subscribe to blogs.  Then comment on and get involved in those places and communities.  Definitely don’t just jump in and promote yourself right away — “you wouldn’t do [this] at a party” argues Chris.

Please welcome Cyndi Zaino to the Ripple6 blogging team.  Cyndi is an Account Manager with Ripple6 and is also a blogger in her own right with her blog TheMarketingBackpack which receives our highest recommendation.