Brand Communities

Connecting Relevant Brands with Consumers

Brand Communities are a unique social marketing opportunity.  They enable marketers to develop conversations with advocates, prospects and consumers in social networks. By creating a natural and open presence within a community, the brand is able to communicate within the consumer’s comfort zone.Social Networking Platform


  • Organic conversations are generated about the brand and ongoing discussions and interactions can happen
  • Tap into word-of-mouth networks
  • Deeper, actionable insights on the community and its members via Ripple Analytics
  • Chance to listen and engage opportunistically
  • Faster growth of your community and greater benefits to the audience because the membership and content are synchronized across multiple sites.
  • Scalable – one conversation across multiple networks

Brand Communities offer for the opportunity to develop ongoing dialogue with consumers. Take advantage of the naturally occurring conversations to talk with customers, collect insights and build long-term assets: relationships.