For Marketers

The most effective long-term marketing has always gone beyond straightforward messaging.

Today, that’s more important than ever.  Brand messages must be conversational. Marketers must be more transparent in creating and participating in these conversations.  And they must find ways to manage and scale their efforts in a conversational, social economy.

The Ripple6 platform provides the best solution for marketers to deploy and scale a social marketing strategy across the Internet (and beyond).  It provides the tools and services to develop a continuous effort for listening and engaging with customers and advocates, for building relationships with them across multiple social marketing efforts, leveraging those advocates, and coordinating the messages into a single, unified conversation about the benefits of your brand.

Our best in class social platform enables marketers to create a central hub for their efforts, allowing them to engage.  These engagements can be connected across the web, allowing consumers to interact with the brand from wherever they find it convenient, and enabling those consumers to connect with one another around the brand.  The interactions can happen anywhere – at your site, embedded or integrated with other social networks, and even in your advertising.

Most importantly, marketers can scale these connections, evolving the effort again and again in ways that most suit their business needs.

We offer a range of product solutions to drive successful social marketing.   We provide tools for managing and moderating conversations, gathering actionable analytics around them, and transforming your marketing effort into one that creates an ongoing business-building asset.