Our solution is a comprehensive community platform wrapped in three layers – the Core Layer, Engagement Layer, and Marketing and Monetization Layer. It provides full customization capabilities and can be easily integrated with other sites.

Core Platform

At its heart  is our core platform.  This includes most, if not all, of the standard social networking features on the market, plus integrated front and back end features.  The Content Management System (CMS) enables streamlined management of social content and Ripple Analytics, our proprietary social analytics tool, is embedded in the solution to provide the keenest insight into what’s happening in the community.

Abuse Management Photos Ad Serving
Plaxo Integration API’s Private Messaging
Blogs Profile CMS
Profile Browsing Custom Profile Questions Profile Wall
Custom URL/Domain Name Ratings Discussions
Recommendations Email Notifications Registration
Friending RSS Groups
Search Homepage Subscriptions
Invitations Tags My Stuff
Viral Sharing (45 sites)

Building upon the core is an Engagement Layer of features and services that enable members to connect and converse in unique ways. The Marketing and Monetization Layer includes unique proprietary features which enable you company to monetize your social network, deliver incremental revenue to your business, or expand the reach of the network.