Proprietary Features

The Engagement Layer

Building upon the core is an Engagement Layer of features and services that enable members to connect and converse in unique ways. This layer includes our proprietary technologies like Smart Groups, Ask/Answer and Ripple, as well as Personalization and Polls.

The Marketing and Monetization Layer

This layer of unique proprietary features enable you company to monetize your social network, deliver incremental revenue to your business, or expand the reach of the network. For publishers, that means solutions that don’t rely on banner advertising, but create new opportunities for marketers to participate..

Brand Communities enable marketers to develop conversations with advocates, prospects and consumers in social networks. By creating a natural and open presence within a community, the brand is able to communicate within the consumer’s comfort zone.

Social Insights allows your company to conduct qualitative research in online communities, where you can quickly gain valuable insight by listening, and engaging with consumers in communities and social network.

Ripple Analytics is a social analytics tool which provides actionable insight into the people on your site, community activity, word-of-mouth flow and member preferences. It show what users are doing on the site, how they consume and share information, who’s sharing it, and to what degree.

The three layers of the platform enable you to build a social solution around your business and its goals, and to make it scale as large as may be needed.