Ripple Analytics

Painting a Vivid, Lifelike Picture of Your Audience

Ripple Analytics is a social analytics tool which provides actionable insight into the people on your site, community activity, word-of-mouth flow and member preferences.   It shows what users are doing on the site, how they consume and share information, who’s sharing it, and to what degree.

Ripple6 Social Newtorking AnalyticsRipple Analytics gives you the information you need to understand the people, conversations and connections happening within your community, including:

  • Search for trends, keywords, members and connections
  • Identify the hottest content and create an engagement cycle
  • Improve community management and development
  • Monitor community activity to improve user experience

What Does Ripple Analytics Measure?

Ripple Analytics allows you to better manage your site by understanding site usage and enabling a robust search feature to discover trends and preferences of your members.

People – Identify particular types of activity by groups or individual members; they provide a sense of what kinds of messages resonate with whom.

Conversations – Use the content area to discover what’s on the mind of the community.

Connections – How members are coming together and connecting within the community.

Go beyond web analytics and discover who your members are, not just what they do.