Community without Commitment

The Socialite offering is for brands that have yet to invest in a Social Hub and Social Ad but want to explore and benefit from the power of social integration in display advertising. It is ideal for single campaigns, event-based promotions or new product launches. Socialite enables brands to create a dialog in ads where users can view and interact without joining or registering with that community. When consumers interact with the conversation in Socialite, they can view and participate in the conversation, share it with their friends and even return to the conversation on a corresponding landing page at a later time.

  • Engaging: Consumers interact and you gain valuable feedback without extensive management or effort
  • Conversational: Step up from social features – create a 2 way dialogue
  • Simple: Efficient and easy to deploy turnkey social experience
  • Inclusive: Includes ad unit and social landing page featuring conversation/discussion thread, can also feature share, like and fan features to extend reach
  • Measurable: Get quantitative ad performance metrics plus qualitative conversations and social analytics
  • Accessible: Control panel allows you to tag comments you want to appear in the ad and delete posts, or let the unit populate organically – community without commitment
  • Distinct: Great for promotions or event-based campaign initiatives
Socialite Social Advertising