Social Insights

Active Learning through Social Media

Ripple6 Social Insights offers the most versatile and cost-effective service for listening and engaging with consumers online. It solves traditional market research questions and helps to deliver deeper, richer insights with the flexibility to deploy research programs that suit your needs.

Social Insights offers a set of services for qualitative and targeted quantitative research in online communities. As stand-alone research initiatives, or as a unique complement to any listening effort, Social Insights provides the opportunity to understand your target consumer and further engage and collaborate with them to solve your business needs. Social Insights is the only Market Research Online Community (MROC) to offer:

  • Embedded research in existing online communities
  • Tap into a 100 million strong digital media network, Gannett Digital
  • Choose our experienced research teams or your own team

Key Benefits

  • Flexible toolset (polling, threaded discussions, private messages)
  • Organic Insights (community activities that generate additional conversations)
  • Always On (not limited to scheduled surveys; quick responses via social omnibus)
  • Syndicated conversations (that attract members and conversation)


Social Brainstorm:

Deep, Qualitative Innovation.

Leverage the power of community to understand unmet consumer needs and desired benefits. Use it as a testing ground for new product development. It provides a platform for needs gap analysis, early stage concept development, pre-volumetric concept evaluations, and it helps you to understand key drivers and limiters of appeal.

  Social Brainstorm


Your Community Sounding Board for Messaging.

Collaboratively develop your positioning and advertising with consumers who can tell you how they want to communicate with you. Use it for early stage ad concept evaluation, creative optimization through stimuli exposure, or as an iterative laboratory to optimize your messaging over a period of days or weeks.



Taking the IHUT to the Masses.

Use the world’s largest ethnographic pool to understand how consumers interact with your products on a grand scale. Through a combination of interactive journals and direct questions, in-home use tests can be easily scaled to provide a wealth of data on product trials or recruit current users of products already in market to understand satisfaction and perceived benefits.



Deeper Understanding of Consumer Point of View.

Understand the functional and emotional dimensions of your brand through conversation. Not limited to a battery of attributes or a few hours of discussion, BrandTank dives deeply into what really contributes to your brand’s equity. Create ongoing conversations that build over time while activities enable fun community interactions that break down barriers and inhibitions.


Social Omnibus:

Quick, Flexible, Immediate Insight.

You need insights but can’t justify a full research study and don’t want to settle for simple numbers. Fielded within Gannett’s community, the Social Omnibus quickly and easily provides qualitative and quantitative responses from moms who control up to 80 percent of household spending. Discussions, polls, and probing allow the flexibility to get at both “what” and “why.”



Building a Community Based on Their Needs.

“If you build it, they will come” doesn’t always work. Collaborate on the design of your community with its first members to build advocacy from day one. Get member insight into desired content, features, benefits from within an actual community – so you know what will make them come back and evangelize your message. It’s a low risk, cost effective way to get started.


Our Social Insights programs offer the advantages of a flexible toolset, organically generated as well as guided insights, and access to a large audience via Gannett’s Digital Media Network []. And because these communities are active, it’s an “always on” opportunity. Social Insights allows you to continuously listen and engage with customers so that you are always making them a part of the conversation.

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