Social Commerce

Socialize your buying cycle. Increase your revenues.

The Ripple6 Social Commerce solution is a fully customized platform for online merchants to create connections with and among their customers and produce a social commerce engine for their online stores. It increases shoppers’ time on the site and their frequency of visits, and it drives increased sales  by exposing customers to the products that they’re more likely to purchase.

[singlepic id=1 w=384 h=288 float=right]For e-commerce, we deploy our SmartGroup technology to suggest clubs and micro-groups of members based on any criteria, including purchases, within a community.  This provides a foundation for our Sales Engagement Model, which creates a continuous flow of personalized product recommendations for members.  These recommendations come from other members of the community whom they know and trust; they get better connected to additional members, and the quantity and quality of the recommendations continues to grow.

Relationships provide a reason to return.  Recommendations provide a reason to buy.  And purchases create the opportunity for more connections and relationships.

Consumers take actions based on trusts established in a community, and this model simply creates more of that trust. The benefits of SmartGroup formation and the Sales Engagement Model on retail communities are:

  • Members quickly add more people to their network.
  • They recommend products to each other explicitly.
  • They often allow their friends to see other purchases they made.
  • Members spend more time on the site, because of interesting recommendations, to see what their friends bought, to make new friends who bought the same product.
  • The retailer increases revenue and gets new behavioral and social data.
For more about our Social Commerce solution and why customer communities create tremendous opportunity, download the results of our research study completed with the e-Tailing Group here.
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