Ripple6 Premiere

The most comprehensive, scalable and customizable social networking platform.

Our platform provides a modular and easily scalable solution.  With Ripple6 Premiere, we’re able to give partners the broadest flexibility to determine which features are most suitable for their community, where and how to present those features within the site, and the business rules that govern them.  It delivers a complete set of features, simple integration with other sites, and specialized tools to create a comfortable user environment with vibrant conversations.

For publishers, Ripple6 Premiere represents the means to create totally new media properties, built around conversations and the people who have them.  This properties come with new opportunities to generate revenue from social networks via Brand Communities, Social Insights and Ripple Analytics.

For marketers, it can be the creation of entirely new socialization of your brand and its positioning.  You can create and deliver services to your customers, far beyond simply providing the  tools for them to connect and share.

Ripple6 Premiere is full-featured and can be customized to suit your specific business needs.  It includes the three layers: Core Platform, Engagement, and Marketing/Monetization Layers, and we work with partners to develop the right strategy and structure for the community before deploying it.  It’s designed to provide the basic and advanced features your members demand, and your business needs.

Each project is lead by a dedicated project team, including project managers, a social engagement team and operational support to make sure everything goes as planned.