For eCommerce

Word-of-mouth and recommendations are critical component for retailers.  For online merchants, the development of active, engaged, and regularly returning customers is vital to success.

Social e-CommerceWe apply our social platform to complement any e-commerce store by creating a user experience that:

  • Attracts members, encourage them to participate and makes the site a place they visit regularly
  • Introduces members to one another so they form social bonds and make recommendations to one another that are wanted and trusted
  • Integrates products into the social fabric of the site, making it incredibly relevant and easy for members to buy things as part of the experience.

Ripple6 provides a sophisticated, customizable social platform for e-tailers to connect like-minded customers. It enables e-tailers to increase sales and return visits by putting the right products in front of consumers and simplifying the purchase decision making process.