Client Services

Community Management

Deliver value to Ripple6 clients by fostering active User engagement around a Ripple6-enabled topics, groups, or online communities.

What we do:

  • Build, grow, and maintain user engagement around a topic
  • Collaborate with Social Media Engagement Managers to develop compelling & effective social media campaigns.
  • Incorporate brand interactions and campaign activities into ongoing member conversations.
  • Convert Surfers to Members, Members to Participants, Participants to Evangelists.
  • Track, measure and report on standard and non-standard metrics to monitor the vitality of the group and the effectiveness of the social media campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Deliver value to Ripple6 clients by converting brand messaging into effective social media campaign engagements.

What we do:

  • Understand brand’s positioning and marketing objectives
  • Create brand messaging and promotional marketing campaigns based on this knowledge
  • Collaborate with community manager to embed these campaigns into a broader topic/community
  • Develop engaging contests and/or member activities and coordinate with relevant agencies for execution of these events
  • Identify opportunities to link Brand Communities to other brand sites (main brand site, Facebook Fan page, etc)
  • Communicate success stories to the brand throughout the campaign
  • Identify best practices for brands by industry vertical
  • Track, measure and report on the effectiveness of the social media campaign.

Project Management

Ensure that Ripple6 Products and Services are delivered to clients effectively, efficiently, and profitably.