For Research

Go Beyond Listening to Generate Deep Insights

There is no better way to understand someone than to engage them in conversation, listen to what they think, and observe how they communicate with others.  Ripple6 offers a platform to connect with customers in a moderated environment that fosters genuine feedback, new ideas and textured insight on their needs.  It is a complement to broader social media listening efforts for your brand.

Social Insights Communities can be created by Ripple6 for short-term custom research projects or as an ongoing customer advisory panel.  Each engagement leverages Ripple Analytics, our proprietary reporting tool, in combination with community moderation services.  We have developed best practices for listening and engaging in these environments to deliver a stimulating user experience and the deepest insights.

Our Social Insights offers a suite of services for qualitative and targeted quantitative research in online communities. You gain valuable insight quickly and cost effectively. As stand-alone research initiatives, or as a unique complement to any listening effort, Ripple6 Social Insights provides the opportunity to understand your target consumer and further engage and collaborate with them to solve your business needs.