For Publishers

Creating the Most Scalable and Monetizable Solution

In a media and advertising marketplace that’s been turned upside down, Ripple6 offers publishers the best long term solution for thriving in this new social world.  Our comprehensive community solutions enable publishers to do what they’ve always done: create engaging environments where audiences come together regularly and where marketers and their brands can connect with that audience.

A Comprehensive Best-in-Class Platform

Our community solution can be easily integrated with existing web sites or built to stand alone as an entirely new property.  The platform provides a full set of features that any community must have, and it wraps them with additional layers of tools and services that increase engagement and offer new revenue opportunities.  Our Content Management System (CMS) enables streamlined management of social content and Ripple Analytics, our proprietary social analytics tool, is embedded in the solution to provide the richest insight into what’s happening in the community.

Increased User Engagement

The core platform comes wrapped in an Engagement Layer of specialized, proprietary tools and services designed to make users comfortable, spark conversations, and create connections.  These services are designed to accelerate the community experience, and each community has its own dynamics that brings members back on a regular basis.  Ripple technology, makes it easier to share information. SmartGroups create connections between members.  Conversations and deeper connections can be initiated through Ask/Answer, Personalization and Dynamic Polls.

Monetization Opportunities

The Ripple6 Platform offers unique opportunities to create new revenue streams in social networks.  Our Monetization Layer includes social marketing solutions that make it natural for brands to introduce themselves and engage with members beyond display or PPC ad opportunities.  Brand Communities develop conversations between and among brand advocates and consumers.  Social Insights enables customer research opportunities with your captive audience.  Ripple Analyticsprovides you the deep insights into your audience that can make them much more valuable and relevant to marketers.


The unique nature of our patent-pending Ripple technology makes it possible for publishers to scale their community deployment across many properties.  Be it a fully customized community through Ripple6 Premiere, or a turnkey Ripple6 OnDemand solution, the platform makes it possible for the most relevant content to flow across networks to the users who want it.