The Social Hub

A Comprehensive Social Marketing Strategy

The Ripple6 Social Hub is a comprehensive solution which allows companies to tie their social marketing efforts into one central place. The Social Hub lets you scale and connect and unify your brand’s social presence across the web.

Affinity Social Networks These networks connect like-minded people and are centered on a topic. Our Cloud Community technology allows you to have one synchronized conversation in the Hub as well as in affinity social networks.

Your Site Instantly socialize your web site (or any site) by connecting it to the Social Hub with our Community Connector.

The Web Embed community conversations and testimonials into your online advertising through our Social Ads (in partnership with PointRoll). Through Social Ads you can bring these vibrant conversations to your consumers wherever they are on the Web.

Pure Play Social Networks Connect conversations from the Hub to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Hub connects these disconnected places and allows information to be shared and synchronized across the social web.  The center of the Social Hub is a community filled with passionate people. Our feature-rich platform is designed to encouragement engagement and create relationships. It provides the tools you need to create a lively community.

Our social analytics tool, Ripple Analytics, provides insight into community activity and members, such as popular topics, what people are saying and to whom,  and what and where people are sharing information.


  • Scalable The Social Hub can scale with your business as it grows, extending conversations across the web using Cloud Community technology, distributing your message through online advertising and the Social Ad, and connecting to fans and friends on pure play social networks.
  • Connected Connect your website to your social media outposts and streamline conversations, all while maintaining your brand voice and positioning.
  • Comprehensive The Social Hub is a comprehensive social strategy, thoughtfully created for effective social marketing.
  • Asset Create an asset which you own, as well as a dedicated place for your friends and fans to connect around your brand, products and services.