Community Management Tools

We provide a robust set of community managmement tools, including best practices and the Ripple6 Client Services team to help you create, manage, and develop your communities.

Paint A Vivid, Lifelike Picture of Your Audience With Ripple Analytics

Community BuzzRipple Analytics is a social analytics tool which provides actionable insight into the people on your site, community activity, word-of-mouth flow and member preferences.   It show what users are doing on the site, how they consume and share information, who’s sharing it, and to what degree.

Ripple Analytics gives you the information you need to understand the people, conversations and connections happening within your community, including:

  • Search for trends, keywords, members and connections
  • Identify the hottest content and create an engagement cycle
  • Improve community management and development
  • Monitor community activity to improve user experience

Our CMS is simple. What you see is what you get.

We make your editors and administrators specially-privileged members within the community, so it’s easy for them to take part, be apart, and still manage the community effectively. This allows most editorial changes to be made in real time across the enterprise as part of the overall conversation. With role based privileges, administrators, editors and community managers can most effectively manage and develop the community.

Client Services

Our Client Services team includes, community managers, social marketing managers and project managers to deliver, manage and develop your community projects.

  • Community Managers – Foster active user engagement around a Ripple6-enabled topics, groups, or online communities.
  • Social Marketing Managers – Convert brand messaging into effective social media campaign engagements.
  • Project Managers – Ensure that Ripple6 Products and Services are delivered to clients effectively, efficiently, and profitably.