Revolutionizing research through online conversations.

The best insights come from being in touch with consumers and their lifestyle.

Ripple6 Social Insights represents the vanguard in a transformation of consumer research. We let you tap into the natural environment of existing online communities to deliver authentic, nuanced, and vibrant feedback that comes from naturally occurring conversations.

Ripple6 Social Insights allows marketers to create private spaces in and across existing social networks.

In these spaces, marketers recruit members, interact with them, and engage in ongoing research within a private network. Members come from nearly 100 existing social networks and community sites, where they regularly visit and engage with friends. They have rich profiles and expansive personal networks, often interconnected in multiple public and private groups. Here, they behave naturally.

Social Insights offers multiple levels of interaction and insight potential.

  • Discussion — Create posts and conversations to communicate with members, or allow members to create their own conversations.
  • Media — Use photos and video to engage members, gauge response to stimuli, or provide direction. Use photos to expose and test packaging, messages, storyboards or more.
  • Calendar — Plan ongoing activities with the group or synch with their personal calendars.
  • Private Messaging — Quickly and easily engage members in deeper probes on a
    one-to-one basis.
  • The “Observation Room” — A separate, private group for the research team to share their opinions and insights, suggest probes for the researcher, and further enhance the team’s learning.

Unique added value.

Community analytics enable learning beyond the core research group experience. Because these communities exist within members’ natural social environments, response is more authentic; interaction happens more freely, and insights are deeper. Active members can be reengaged selectively or as a group for post-study opportunities. Ripple Analytics can provide overlays or benchmarking with research group activity.

Deploying Social Insights.

Social Insights programs run for a minimum of one month, but typically run much longer. Ongoing insights are delivered through Ripple Analytics and community monitoring. Top line reports are prepared at regular intervals, with complete, objectives-based results delivered at the conclusion of the study.

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