Gain insight. Identify areas for improvement. Enhance your audience‚Äôs experience. You can think of them as talking points — not data points.

Ripple Analytics gives you the information you need to understand the social media components of your community-driven site, including:

  • keyword content
  • reach
  • flow of messages and information
  • demographics
  • psychographics
  • geographic distribution of members and messages

Our partners can access data across multiple views including communities, groups, members, and campaigns. Ripple Analytics gives you the ability to dig down into individual messages for insights, and it provides a thorough set of data points to represent how content flows through a community. It offers a true word-of-mouth measurement and mapping capability. Below are some examples of how this unique analysis can be leveraged to better understand how content is being shared across your community:

Message Level Analysis (Campaigns)

  • See how successful a campaign is at generating feedback
  • The depth of sharing
  • The actual paths that the message spreads across
  • Exactly who is getting the message and who is spreading it
  • What people are saying about it

Group Level Analysis (Topics & Sections)

  • Top community content, measured by views, replies and Ripples
  • The activity level of conversations that are taking place
  • Keyword Analysis
    • View the most common elements of a conversation or conversations
  • Membership Profiles
    • Profiles of current and new members
    • Members activity level by group and topics
  • General behavior across different community segments

Site Level Analysis (behavior across an entire community)

  • Member counts
  • Member profiles
  • Site Activity (types of posts, most active, Rippled, replied)
  • Group Creation (private, public, category, size, etc.)
  • Community Growth (invitations and viral activity)

Click to download a PDF data sheet.Click here to download a PDF Data Sheet.

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