More than sharing. More than conversing. Users can connect and share information with one person or across networks.

Ripple6 Platform offers proprietary features that deliver unique insight. The Ripple6 Platform provides everything you need to build robust, highly social communities. In addition, we develop unique components that are proprietary to the platform. These features propel conversations and create connections between users, building and strengthening their ties with you and one another.


This proprietary feature allows members to ask questions of their network — or of the community at large.An algorithm matches each question with members who are most likely to provide a high-quality answer. Members are greeted with one question from another member every time they visit the site. This process builds person-to-person relationships and helps build community interaction across a broader network.

Smart Groups and Invitations

The Ripple6 Platform can identify meaningful relationships — when they are present or even when the technology senses the development through ongoing member dialogue. Members can be engaged immediately with a group of people and they can share, learn or discover things together. Invitations are sent and conversations and communities can grow. And grow. And grow.


The Ripple feature provides members with the unique ability to connect and share information in the way that they choose as most relevant: ripple imagewith groups; with individuals; saved to their private space; or outside the community via email. When creating content, every member has control over how far others can distribute it.

This patent-pending component also allows you to see the exact path a message takes as it is spread by users, groups and individuals. And messages get counted as Ripples, so our analytics tools let you see exactly how and where a message has been spread and how many times it has generated a response.


Connect people to people. Conversation to conversation. It all starts with the audience. Their groups. Your communities.

Each member is at the center of their experience. Everything ripples from users. The principal social media features of the Ripple 6 Platform include:

Member Homepage

The member homepage is the hub of activity, and it is central to each user’s personal experience. From this home base, members are able to access the core areas of the community.

My Stuff

My Stuff integrates two complementary features, and it is unique to the Ripple6 stuff image It contains the member’s profile, including their list of friends, email and privacy preferences, and the security levels on what they want to share. It also provides each member with a tool set including a personal blog, bookmarks and more tools for their personal and private space. Any form of content — posts, articles, photos, even videos — from the community can be saved to My Stuff.

Member profiles

When a member registers, their profile is created. They can build upon their profile to add personal information, while maintaining control of what’s publicly viewable and what remains private. Smart Groups provide a means to connect users based on their profiles, automatically grouping members by interests, location, age — whatever you view as important in your community development.


The platform uses groups two ways to make it easy to create and share content. smart groups imageUsers can create groups, big or small, public or private, and content can be easily “rippled” from group to group. Publisher’s content also exists in “groups,” making the rippling of relevant information a simple and measurable process.

Content Types

Any form of content on the platform can ripple from one place to another. This includes photos, events, blog entries, questions, answers, recipes, and more. The Ripple6 Platform allows for many different content types for any community:

Single Sign-On

Members can log onto the network one time and visit multiple communities without obstacles. Profiles and My Stuff are centrally managed to deliver a unified user experience across many communities and interests. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can be utilized to enable sign-on to a site with other member applications.

Data Migration

Platform is capable of integrating data from other sites to create additional content or utilize existing profile data.

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