Our software does more than provide a platform to develop and propel relationships. The Ripple6 Platform also stimulates influencers and contributes to marketing efforts — organically.

When people talk, they influence each other. Our platform delivers the nuts and bolts of the matter and from the platform there is an intrinsic social marketing aspect that is a measurable product feature.

Leveraging the power of word of mouth marketing

The Ripple6 Platform provides the space for conversations to develop and communities to build. It also delivers the Ripple Analytics — bringing surprising and valuable information to the surface. From these conversations, our clients can gain understanding about needs, interests, unsuspected patterns of behavior — each social media network is unique and ever changing. Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful methods to increase brand loyalty and gain mindshare and with our Platform you can actually measure it.

With this knowledge, social marketing can be integrated though one-on-one conversations, invitations, various online advertising formats, and leveraging your online insights for offline benefits.

The Ripple6 Social Marketing Aspects includes:

  • word of mouth marketing
  • personalized invitations
  • sharing of content and groups

Click to download a PDF data sheet.Click here to download a PDF Data Sheet.

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