August 14th, 2008

Ripple6 Launches The Industry’s First Syndication Of Communities

Brand Blogs Enable Marketers to Create, Manage and Measure One Conversation Across the Web

August 14, 2008

New York, New York August 14, 2008. Ripple6, a leading provider of social media services to enterprise class marketers and web publishers, announced today the launch of its Syndicated Brand Blogs service, an evolution of RSS which offers marketers a new avenue to interact with their audiences across the Internet.

The Syndicated Brand Blog service lets marketers create their blog and manage content, distribution and analytics from one site. Consumers then interact with it from wherever they are in the network, without having to leave and visit another site. Regardless of where they interact with the blog, every member is able to see all comments in the blog and interact with all members of the brand community.

Offering real-time measurement and insight through Ripple Analytics, the platform measures word of mouth and customer interactions. Marketers receive a thorough set of data points on who’s interacting with their brand, what they’re saying, and if they’re sharing it with friends. Beyond page views and visitors, Ripple Analytics provides real-time insight to the engagement and demographics of a marketer’s audience and semantic measures of the conversation.

Sang Kim, Founder and CEO of Ripple6 said, “For the first time, marketers will have the ability to create a single conversation with their relevant consumers in many different communities. And they can create, manage, and measure that dialogue all in one place.”

The service creates a simple interface for brand marketers to develop and manage their content into a single blog that can appear in hundreds of communities across the Web, including or Gannett’s robust network of local moms sites.

The Gannett moms sites, which together attract close to 1 million moms, will be moving to the Ripple6 platform in the coming weeks as Gannett creates a nationwide network of local moms communities. Instead of creating a traditional corporate blog and promoting it or waiting for customers to come visit, Ripple6′s new service syndicates those messages across the web to users in the communities where they regularly visit, engage and communicate.

Ripple6 and Gannett are offering a pilot program to select marketers that will launch on sites fourth quarter. The program includes a combination of social media tools, community syndication, ad impressions and access to Ripple Analytics insights.

“We think this is a tremendous way for brands to begin building open relationships with consumers in social media,” said Josh Resnik, Vice President of Strategy and Business Operations for Gannett Digital. “Now users of the Gannett moms sites will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their brands their way — by getting valuable information and savings from brands, community opinions, tips on the products, providing their feedback and opinions to the brands, plus much more – all within the local communities where moms come to connect with each other.”

Recent research indicates that consumers are looking for more relevant messages from marketers. Deloitte’s second annual “State of the Media Democracy” study found that 66% of US Internet users said they would click on more Internet ads if they were better targeted and 67% would be willing to accept more messages in exchange for free and valuable content.”

Mr. Kim continued, “Marketers will now be able to reach consumers where they’re already talking to each other and integrate their messages into a social context. This will create not just interactions with the brand, but build informative dialogue with and among relevant customers of the brand.”

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