Our Clients

Our solutions include the creation of new social properties for leading media companies and social marketing efforts for some of the world’s best known brands. Our clients include:


MomsLikeMeMoms Like Me Logo

Moms Like Me is a national network of 80 local communities, moderated by moms from the trusted brands of Gannett’s local market media properties. The sites empower moms to have conversations, form groups, schedule events and share photos and video, and they provide opportunities for marketers to participate in ways that let them establish and measure word-of-mouth. Read the Case Study


Mixing Bowl Mixing Bowl Social Network

MixingBowl is Meredith Corporation’s prime site for people looking to share recipes, ideas, and stories about cooking and eating. Fed by consumers from Meredith’s other sites like Better Homes and Gardens, and Parents magazine, MixingBowl brings people together to create communities and share their love of food. Read the Case Study


Post Foods – Grape Nuts

Post CerealPost wanted to reach Moms with the goal of developing understanding around how Moms approach their cereal choice, and how these choices fit in with their lifestyle, health concerns and family life.

Post chose Ripple6 Social Insights as their solution, which allowed moms from 40 different social networks to participate in an online discussion group from the comfort of their own social network. This group contained participants from across the nation, giving Post access to a wide sample of moms.

Post was able to gain a rich understanding about how moms choose the cereals that they eat and how this tied into their health concerns, giving them insight into possible new avenues into the mom market. Read the Case Study


Unilever – Suave

suaveUnilever’s aim was to shed some of the “cheap” persona and develop perceptions of Suave among moms as a brand of choice, not necessity. They wanted to reach out tomoms, improve their credibility, showcase the new look of the product, and spread the word about Suave’s salon-quality experience without the salon price tag.

The brand wanted to get moms to buy Suave for themselves, not just their kids.

Suave developed a two-pronged approach with Ripple6 to communicate with moms in the MomsLikeMe network of 80 local social networks.

  1. Social Insights – A private research study embedded in the social networks that would better identify and recruit advocates from within the networks to build a sustainable word-of mouth program. The study would help the brand understand what content in that community would drive value for the members and what content would drive either positive or negative perceptions of the brand.
  2. Brand Community – A community developed for the moms across the 80 networks. This would allow the brand to participate directly with the moms and build a sustainable conversation, not just about the product, but about its quality positioning and its relevance to moms. Read the Case Study


Procter & Gamble – Pur

P&GP&G teamed with Ripple6 to create a conversation around water for their Pur brand, syndicated across multiple social networks. The Water For Life discussion connected membes around topics such as “How many glasses of water do you drink per day?” and created a challenge for all members and their families to drink more water.


Benjamin Moorelogo_benjamin_moore

Benjamin Moore created a Brand Community to reach out to Moms about their household product choices and their Green lifestyles. The goals were to create brand awareness, and contests were used to increase engagement within the community of passionate Moms.


Procter & Gamble – Clear Blue

Clear Blue ran a research project in the US and UK with the goal of better understanding the online behaviors of people trying to conceive. Clear Blue designed the study to help them improve their online interactions throughout the conceiving process, all the way from deciding to get pregnant to giving birth.