Socialize Your Buying Cycle

Socialize Your Buying Cycle
August 2009 – Social Commerce: Conversations Among Consumers – eTailing Group & Ripple6

Consumers Are Social

E-commerce is ripe to weave community into the customer experience, because social networks are proliferating and consumers are spending more of their time using them. On average, 65% of consumers spend at least one hour per week in social networks, with almost 50% spending three hours or more on the sites.

Connecting Consumers

Two out of three consumers would be likely to join an online community that focuses on connecting shoppers with others who have purchased similar products. Connecting consumers can lead to increased Average Order Value (AOV), aid customer retention, and help foster a sense of community around your products and brand.

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Ripple6 provides a sophisticated, customizable social platform for e-tailers to connect like-minded customers. It enables e-tailers to increase sales and return visits by putting the right products in front of consumers and simplifying the purchase decision making process.

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